All about Autocad Software

Auto Cad is a computer-aided design software program that professionals use for digital drawing, import, export and publish 2- and 3-dimensional designs. it is commercial software application used in architecture, construction, and manufacturing to assist in the preparation of blueprints and other engineering plans. Auto Cad software saves a huge time, saving time is equal to earn more income by more output but Auto Cad software is not so much suited for 3D design as it has fewer options, It can not be used in the complex designs.


it was marketed and developed by Auto desk in December 1982 . Auto Cad was first released as a desktop app running on microcomputers with internal graphics controllers. Before auto cad was introduce most of commercial cad programmer were used to ran on main frame computer and since then it has releasing up to 22 version of its software.


This software used for designing and drafting like :
1.  Auto Cad is a Detailing tool from Auto desk corp for Engineering activities pertaining to electrical, industrial, construction, mechanical, projects.
2. It can use for drawing two-dimensional and three-dimensional design
3. Professional architects use Auto Cad to design residential homes, office, buildings, commercial developments and landscapes.
4. Auto Cad helps interior designers to create functional spaces that are aesthetically pleasing, such as residential living and dining rooms, hotel suites, corporate conference facilities or other indoor environments





Sources : Facebook, Google and Wikipedia
Written By : Anup Rai
Published On : September 24, 2019

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