What Is CPD?

Generally, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a term followed by many professionals. It is the process by which professionals maintain and update their knowledge as well as skills after qualification. So, once an IDN Associate has achieved the IDN Professional Pathway and become an IDN Member, they are recommended to undertake an annual CPD requirement to remain a Member.


A commitment to CPD helps to assure that IDN Members are keeping up to date with the current developments in a rapidly changing industry. In addition, it provides a lucky chance to update personal and professional skills, a platform to engage with experts in the industry and a forum in order to exchange ideas and best practice.


The Institute and its approved CPD Providers bid an ongoing calendar of CPD events which can be observed here. That’s not all, the members can also accrue CPD through seminars, project tours, factory visits, lectures, exhibitions, trade shows, online learning, webinars, mentoring and producing books and articles.  

CPD Knowledge Hub (IDN)

The CPD Knowledge Hub (IDN) is a cloud-based online platform which presents a wide range of educational content to foster the learning and development of interior designers, interior design students and other industry professionals. Users may register and access the content on the platform completely free of charge. It provides flexible education, allowing users to develop their skills, knowledge and expertise at their own pace.

Code Of Conduct

The Interior Design Nepal issues the Code of Conduct and Professional Ethics for the consent of all its members, in whatever capacity they practice, in all every categories of professional membership. Hereby, the Code states the principles and ethical standards for members of the organization.

The organization is committed to leading or supporting fine professional practice as well as competence in the fraternity of interior design, its liabilities to clients, society, interior designers, suppliers and the interior design industry. Each members, as a condition of membership of the industry, attempt to abide by the code.


Throughout the time members shall adapt to existing rules, regulations and professional codes as established by the nation in which they conduct their practice, the company shall have the power only to implement its own code.

Whoever in the opinion of Disciplinary Committee of the company, has acted in infringement of the company’s Code, may be forewarned, suspended or even expelled from membership. Such action shall only happen after a member has been given the chance to answer all allegations of misconduct accompanied by the Disciplinary Committee. The decision of this Committee shall also be conclusive.


A.    Responsibility Towards Society

1.     Members must operate reasonable skill and care in compliance with the normal standards of their interior design profession, competence in the conduct of their business and moves at all times with honesty.

2.     While giving professional services, members shall all times consider the health, safety and welfare of the public.

3.     Members must not make misleading, deceptive or wrong statements or claims related to their experience, professional qualifications, or performance.

4.     Members must try to provide professional services only when they are qualified by education, training or experience to do so.

5.     Members must endeavor to perform in the best interests of ecology and the natural environment wherever likely to boost the conservation of energy as well as the recycling of materials.


B.     Responsibility to the client

1.     Prior to accepting an assignment, members shall make sure in writing to the client the scope or nature of the project involved, the interior design services to be confirmed, and the method of payment for those services.

2.     Members must provide the client with written terms and conditions of recruitment before payment of work.

3.     Members must not intentionally accept any position in which their personal interest’s war fares with their professional work.

4.     Members must provide all knowledge and information relating to their client’s wish, production methods or business as confidential. Members should not leak such information without the approval of the client.

5.     In spite of the fact, members may disclose such information to the extent they reasonably believe is necessary

A. to discontinue any act which creates a significant risk to public safety and which the         member is unable to forbid in any other manner

B. to limit any violation of amicable law.

6.     Members shall perform with monetary responsibility in the best interest of the client and also maintain sound business relations with suppliers, industry and trades to establish the best possible service.

7.     Members must not sub-contract the principal design work instructed by a client without the client’s full knowledge and consent.

8.     Members must not accept- wage or benefits which may hinder their ability to remain impartial and transparency in all their deals on behalf of clients.

9.     Members must assure that clients are advised of their own responsibilities.

C.     Responsibility to interior designers and colleagues

1.     Members should neither follow instructions from other clients who intentionally involve plagiarism, nor shall they knowingly copy the work of another designer.

2.     Members should neither practice, directly or indirectly, to supplant another designer, nor compete with another designer by any means of unfair motive.

3.     Members should not intentionally accept any professional engagement upon which alternate designer has been practicing, without notifying that designer.


D.     Responsibility of the Industry and the interior design profession

1.  Members must seek steadily to upgrade their professional knowledge and           competence with respect to the interior design profession.

2.  Members must carry relevant insurance, to include Employers’ Liability, Product   Liability, Public Liability, and Professional Indemnity. Members must also, where   convenient, carry Directors’ and Office Bearers’ Insurance.

3.       Members must satisfy with CPD requirements as set out by the Institute.

4.   Members must only use the IDN appellation in agreement with the current Institute   policy.

5.     Any member or industry who has not renewed membership of the Institute shall remove   any logo or initials of the Institute designation from every product literature,advertising   and stationery on termination of membership.

6.    Members must, wherever possible, encourage and commit to the sharing of knowledge and information among interior designers, the interior design industry and the general public.

7.    Associates should observe with the requirements of the Institute to uplift to full Member status once they have obtained six years of education and/or practice within the interior design industry.


E.     Responsibilities as an employer

1.     Members must comply the requirements of Employment Law.

2.    Members must confirm that sub-contractors engaged by them carry insurance suitable to   their role, including Public Liability and Employer’s Liability.


F.     Responsibilities

       Members should not analyze as their own any plans or designs processed by the employer           and employer’s company. 




G.     Responsibilities of consultants, team members, and suppliers

          Members must ensure that information given to consultants and suppliers the execution                of a project is professionally prepared and accurate.

H.     Publicity

           Members may themselves, or by means of persons or organizations acting                

           on their behalf, popularize and publicize their practice afforded the

           advertising material contains only truthful, factual statements and does not

           rupture copyright agreements.


Why Choose IDN Registered Designers?


Contrasting ‘architect’, ‘interior designer’ is not a secured term in Nepal. As a result, anyone is able to begin a practice and identify themselves an interior designer despite qualifications or experience.

For sure, once you hire an IDN Member you can not deny that designer has met exceptionally high standards of professionalism or competence. So, to become a Member, a designer must:


1. Have achieved the IDN Professional Pathway, an accurate national standard for professional competence.

2.     Have at least 6 years of pertinent education as well as practical experience.

3.     Have recent and satisfactory professional assurance and public liability insurance.

4.  Fulfill the Organization’s yearly Continuing Professional Development (CPD)         requirement.



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