INTERVIEW WITH WINNER(jury’s choice award)

Ms.Nisha Tuladhar


Graduated from IEC College,Chandol
The Graduation Year 2018
Bachelors in Interior Architecture

Today we are in a short conversation with our winner Ms. Nisha Tuladhar. In June 2018 IDN had organized 1st 3d render design competition, which was related to interior designers and architectures. Tuladhar won the title “JURY’S CHOICE AWARD”. Nisha Tuladhar is an Interior Designer. Currently, she has been actively working at Home Maker Pvt. Ltd.


What is your best field of specialization in this work?
Mostly I do commercial designs from our office.


According to you what is Interior Design?
To give our vision and our ideas to meet the requirements of the costumers.


Any difficulties at your project in the 1st 3D Rendering Design Competition??
The projects I have done in the 1st 3D Render Design Competition, I have never felt any difficulties with my project. I didn’t think that I’d win.

How does it feel like to win 1st 3D Rendering Design?
I was happy and also shocked to hear my name as a winner.


How often do you travel? Where do you find your inspiration?
I love traveling but haven’t traveled much. And for the inspiration, I surf the internet and add my own inputs.


Have you designed any famous projects?
Recently I am working on a major project “THAGUCHHEN – BOUTIQUE HOTEL” at Bhaktapur. Here I am using both Traditional and Minimalist Designs.


What is the best part of being an interior designer?
I find providing utility to the small and usually wasted spaces very challenging and joyful.










What will you do with the prize money?
I haven’t thought about it yet.  But let’s see where I can use it in the future.


How is the field of interior design in the context of Nepal now?
Nowadays, designing a career is at a very developing stage. Small café and houses also look for Interior Designs. So, it is becoming a leading business.


What advice would you like to give to the upcoming designers?
No matter how much you struggle while studying, later on, when you start working on your own the output will be worth it.


What do you think about us?
I think IDN is the platform for all Interior Designers. Due to the post, we get updated. We get to know a lot of designers and get exposers in an event like “Designer’s Meet Nepal.” So, keep working on it.



Written By: Asmita Tamang
Published On: March 19, 2020

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